Will all Gamestop Stores close up in the future including here in Owensboro?

For the Gamers who shop at Gamestop (also including the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, etc etc. who buy games for a child/teenager.)

I have been following Gamestop’s stock and company news for the past year or so and everything I see and read, they are going on a spiraling down trend. Will they end up like how Sears/K-Mart, Toys’R’US did? Only time will tell if Gamestop can get back on track.

This past Black Friday, I have seen many tweets and reports from customers and anaylst asking… “Where’s the customers? Where’s the line at?” And there is no clear answer as to why except two reasons, one being the sales were very weak compared to other retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target (including online sales) and the other reason is very understanding and simple… Digital!

NPD Analyst, “Mat Piscatella” at a Gamestop in San Diego, California 5 minutes before the store is scheduled to open to start the Black Friday Festivities but with no lines?!”

Digital sales and the push for digital downloads has been on a high rise the last few years that most gamers who use to buy physical games would rather purchase and download their games digitally right on to their console due to the simple fact that the buyer doesn’t have to get up each time to change the disc to play a certain game and instead, they can browse and play their favorite games digitally purchased and downloaded right from the comfort of where the gamer is sitting at or even laying in bed.

Editors Note: Personally, I was against the idea of Digital games back then however, this is where we are going forward considering how streaming has became mainstream with people cutting the cord in favor for streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, Disney+ and the other slew of streaming services that are out there. Physical is getting phased out and thats one of the small factors hurting Gamestop. I like Digital but if there is a sale on a physical game, then more then likely, I will buy it… This is where Digital fails half the time, is there is very little sales on Digital goods for the console experience. For example, A game for $59.99 in the digital store front could be $15 for a physical copy online or in a brick and mortar store.

One other reason could be is that Gamestop has a very sour relationship with its current and even former customers who would religiously devote their money and time to shop at Gamestop and only Gamestop and no where else. Gamestop in certain locations across the nation in the past is notouriously known to upsell products, sneak their powerup club membership on to the customers receipt without the customer knowing, haggle them to purchase a warranty or another game and the list keeps going on and on….

It was announced a few months ago that 180 to 200 Gamestop stores are set to shutter by the end of the fiscal year and more could be on the way in the next 12 to 24 months.

Is this the slow death of Gamestop? Will all the stores shut down including our own 2 locations here in Owensboro, KY? Only time will tell but I will leave you all with a video to watch from a user named, “Camelot331” as he gives updates to viewers on what is going on inside corporate and the stores across the nation while giving viewers a view of the bad practices Gamestop is doing. No wonder why many employees have left, they are tired of lying and ripping off the gaming customer and I don’t blame them one bit!

Here’s one excerpt from a memo they sent to all Gamestop Managers at all Gamestop stores across the nation…

What this means is Gamestop employee’s are required to force everything they can to the customer to give the customer the best experience?! That’s not good.

Notice the, “No naked systems allowed” What this means is, don’t expect to walk into Gamestop and expect just to buy a system by it self only, even if you have the controllers already for it, cords, etc, at home. The associate will have to recommend the additional accessories and even games or they will either get a disciplinary action against them or possibly even terminated.

Check out the entire memo that was sent below a day after this past Black Friday of 2019 was over…

After this memo was sent out, one of the Gamestop employee’s sent this to Camelot331 regarding how the Black Friday sales went.

Camelot331’s Youtube Video below shows the message screenshot above and other messages that was sent to him by other gamestop employee’s, (Errr, I should say former employee’s now). If you want to keep updated with the news, I would recommend to follow him for his most recent video updates, also check out his past videos about Gamestop’s downward trend.

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