Fake OADCI Page Discovered

As you all may have seen our post earlier, it was brought to our attention of a fake page that resembled OADCI. We discovered who is responsible for this, however, we will not release the party’s name. When first discovered, we noticed our logo, our cover photo and our posts were being copied directly word per word on the fake page. One of our administrators had reached out to the page nicely and asked about it and the message was seen by the owner however, the message went ignored and one of our administrators was banned without any explanation or an answer to the message. (Pictured below is how the fake OADCI original page looked before the profile and cover photo changed and the messages that were sent to the page directly.)

As you can see, the cover photo is not aligned correctly at all, showing it being cut off.
Message sent to the fake page, asking simply if “they” had two pages but with no response.
One of our administrators making a statement and asking why are they copying our OADCI page.
See the differences? Clearly you can see what is being done here but why? Why copy our name and our content?
They couldn’t get by with using the same exact name as our page obviously so let’s just use “Co” instead of “County” and hopefully people won’t notice.

As you can see, this is what we are dealing with at the moment, we have no problem with anyone here in our community starting up a page dedicated to Owensboro/Daviess County news but however, in this case, please do not use our name and especially our profile picture and cover photo. Be unique, make your page stand out, and be original with your content. That’s what makes it stand out, earn your follower’s trust.

The owner of the “fake OADCI page” has also taken a step further and purchased advertisement space on Facebook (They are really going to great lengths). You may perhaps see this (pictured below) while scrolling through your news feed showing what looks to be our page’s name which in fact it’s not (Pictured below).

Advertisement showing in certain user’s Facebook feeds.

If you happen to see the advertisement for the fake page above, please do not follow it thinking that it is our page as it’s obviously not us. Also, there are posts circulating out there promoting this page asking people to unfollow the real OADCI because we “provide inaccurate and misleading information.” We find this puzzling because if they believe we provide inaccurate and misleading information why are they copying our content to their page?

We hope this clears up any confusion in case anyone was wondering if we started a new page up, or changed hands or made groups. We are still the same as we have been since 2014. So to recap…

The Facebook page names:

Owensboro and Daviess County Information – Real (That’s us!)

Owensboro and Daviess Co Information – Fake (NOT us!)

The only difference is the name. Unfortunately this is the world we live in, there’s always someone trying to reap the benefits of someone else’s hard work. There’s really no course of action in these types of cases on Facebook other than to report pages or accounts that you believe to be fake or that may be stealing your intellectual property, and that doesn’t always work. So what are we going to do? Well we’re just going to continue on with our mission to deliver information to our followers the best way we know how…..with honesty and accuracy.

Thank you all for following us and the continued support throughout the years! We greatly appreciate it and most importantly, we appreciate your all’s trust!

  • OADCI Staff
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